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All is silent on the blogging front

ZAK and Sabeen have both been out of action since T2F. Adnan is in self imposed exile in Dubai. Mohtashim ran off to colder pastures. Tech has been on the road. Teeth frequency of post is down by a suspicious percentage. And CIO Pakistan has been undergoing extended renovation. Pakistan at Alltop looks more and more like a stale news RSS feed. Even more so since they kicked me and Mohtashim out when we upgraded to the next better version of WP.

It is just me and Jehan. And that sucks. If all I wanted to do was have a conversation with myself I could just start up with the Mirror in the loo.

It’s not that the opportunities for covering content have been missing. The Tech Crunch Gong Award – Total of three bloggers two of them being me and Jehan. The TIECON 2009 Karachi event. Three posts – two of them being yours truly. The MIT CEF BAP event – two posts. Both by yours truly.

Come on world, fess up. What is that I am missing that all of you are privy too.

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