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Another mentee does us proud, Zayd Enam wins the ASIA PACIFIC ICT Award in Australia

I first met Zayd at the PASHA Tech Crunch Gong Award pre-event where among several twenty and thirty year olds he stood out as the only high school dropout. The next day it was very surprising to see that he had incorporated most of the comments I had made about his presentation at the Tech Crunch main event. Imran Zia who saw his final presentation put aside his annual presidential address to the PASHA community so that Mindstorm Studios and Zayd could present their product and their pitches in front of the 500 hundred strong Annual PASHA ICT Award audience.

When I read Jehan’s post here and here and saw the ASIA PACIFIC ICT Awards winner announcement for the secondary student category here, I realized that as an old man I have started shedding tears much too frequently for my own good. And public admissions of this weakness are going to get me further into trouble. But I guess that is what mentees end up doing to their mentors when they go out and full fill the promise we see in them.