Desi Back to Desh

Between airports, airplanes and transit lounges


There was only one thought in my mind as I took the taxi back home past midnight on the morning of 18th December: It’s been a while since I saw a movie and didn’t know that an entire three hours were gone. That and it was three hours well spent.

When you add the fact that I thought I was stepping into Avatar, the last of the Airbenders (it had been a long busy, rough week), a movie not scheduled for release for another six months, the feat becomes even more impressive.

Don’t know where to start. To begin with anything with escapist themes works for me anytime. Add 3D IMAX, animation, a crisp script, political subtext and brilliant visuals and you have me hooked. The only thing I hated was the alien Scully (Sam Worthington) smile but that is just me and my bias against brilliant white teeth. I was pleasantly surprised that James Cameroon was able to write and hold an original halfway decent scifi story together (please take that as a compliment) for 162 minutes.

There is a PG-13 rating so this may not be a great movie to take your young ones (remember the incidence with Watchmen) with you but I am sure you will have a ball.

Book me up for a repeat run whenever you go to catch the show.

Update: Over the weekend I finally figured out why Avatar bothered me so much. The last movie that made me stand up and take notice, the way Avatar did, was the Matrix. And you remember what that did to Scifi genre.