Desi Back to Desh

Between airports, airplanes and transit lounges

Home for the holidays…

It takes travel during the holiday season to truly appreciate home. And since we were lucky enough to head home a few years ago that whole wrenching, yearning, leaving loved ones behind thing is thankfully no longer a part of our lives.

Still early morning on the 25th, Fawzia, Salwa and Taha woke up to make the sunrise run to the airport to drop me off for my daytrip to Lahore. At 7 am, Karachi airport was buzzing with families on their way to make connections up north; kids, luggage, trolleys and queues. I headed to the PIA counter and found that for a day trip you can request and get your boarding cards for both legs at the same time. No need to make a maddening rush to the check in counter in Lahore on the way back.

An hour and a half later when we finally landed, it was the same scene at the arrival lounge. Waiting, expectant faces, an aftertaste of travel hassles, and enough love floating around to warm you up on a cold Lahore morning.

Holiday season travel and Home; if you are not missing it, you should.