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How to change the world in one easy step…

Adnan (Iqbal, not Haider) first pointed me towards Khan Academy about a year ago. I took a quick peek and was suitability impressed. Then this evening Nida sent in a small note with a link to a slice of MIT article describing the work Salman has been doing and then a Google search dug up his Facebook page and recent NPR coverage.

So the next time a student asks me I have no money and I don’t know where to start or how to change the world, I will just send them Sal’s way. Or perhaps even when Yusuf complains from his soap box about the disconnection of my generation from all things real, I will ask him to contribute a few hundred thousand dollars to Mr. Khan.

It’s amazing how consistent efforts translate into such a huge global impact with a humble beginning. See the NPR coverage here and Tonic coverage here.

If you have been looking for inspiration all of your life, you just found it. Thank you Salman Khan. God Bless.

Check out a sample video on how borrowing works to see how simple and elegant Salman’s style of teaching is…