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February, 2010

Alchemy signs Tameer Bank as a risk advisory customer

The good news that we have been waiting for… Earlier in February 2010, Alchemy signed up Tameer Bank as a customer. After the InvestBank risk advisory engagement and the Consultnomics FZE LLC account in UAE, the Tameer Bank account is the third major account we have closed in the first two months of the New […]

Learning Corporate Finance – course guide

  Here is the structure of the full course. This should help with Navigation   The first course in Corporate Finance – Session Zero Session I – B: Corporate Finance: Financial Statements – Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss and Cash flows Session II-A: Corporate Finance: The Balance Sheet, Assets, Depreciation Session II-B: Corporate Finance: Balance […]

Learning Corporate Finance or memory lane meets online education meets content…

It was instruction at a level that I had never been exposed to. I had come across some truly great teachers in my prior life but this whole relationship driven, hands on learning approach was the new new thing. The professor was not a professor, the course was not a course. It felt like being […]

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Understanding Commodities Risk – in print March 2010

Understanding Commodities Risk – out in print early March 2010 The principles are simple. Document the supply and demand of a resource, the psychology of its market and participant behaviour and you should have a handle on how prices move. Identify any leading indicators and your price prediction model is complete. Interesting enough while commodities […]

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Shaukat Tarin Quits

Shaukat Tarin, the Banker behind Union Bank and its successful sale to Standard Chartered Bank for about 500 million dollars in 2006, quit this morning as Pakistan’s Finance Minister. Post Union Bank, Shaukat along with a consortium of multination investors acquired Saudi Pak Commercial Bank from SAPICO for a second Union run. The acquired bank […]

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Challenges of Life Insurance Marketing

I learnt how to type first on a Remingten typewriter typing away life insurance policy proposals and articles Aba wrote for the Insurance Journal. From issue dealing with trust to issues dealing with Fiqah and Islamic thought on life insurance, my early education on this subject was primarily on account of the work I did […]

Insurance in Islamic thought: Takaful, Family Takaful, Re-Takatful – Part ii

By Rizwan Ahmed Farid (An extract from a series of articles on Insurance in Islamic thought by Rizwan Ahmed Farid, from his upcoming book on Challenges of Life Insurance Marketing)   El-Gamal, Mahmoud A., of Rice University writes:   “Interestingly, while the Islamic insurance industry has adopted a name suggestive of a mutual cooperative system, […]

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The Treasury Risk workshop

Here what we covered on Saturday at the Treasury Risk crash course at the Karachi Marriot (thank you Agnes for the notes). The one day Treasury Risk workshop in Dubai is now locked in on the 18th of March 2010 at the Dusit Thani in Dubai. You can download the nomination form here for the […]

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The dead zone

Somewhere along the 19th hour of being awake, after keeping a 20 hour schedule for the last three days you find yourself in the dead zone. Your body and mind have given up on sleep and are no longer craving it, you know you are all set to crash but you are still too wired […]


Treasury one – redux

I had no idea that my treasury one post would generate so much traffic and commentary. On a blog where it is rare to see more than a single comment (given all my anti spam, anti bot, anti social word press defenses) in less than 24 hours 8 comments (ok I confess 4 of them […]

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