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Alchemy signs Tameer Bank as a risk advisory customer

The good news that we have been waiting for… Earlier in February 2010, Alchemy signed up Tameer Bank as a customer. After the InvestBank risk advisory engagement and the Consultnomics FZE LLC account in UAE, the Tameer Bank account is the third major account we have closed in the first two months of the New Year.

TAMEER is a Microfinance bank managed by a group of highly experienced bankers committed to go where no (commercial) bank has gone before. It is a private commercial Microfinance bank licensed by the State Bank of Pakistan under the Microfinance Ordnance 2001. TAMEER distinguishes itself from other Microfinance Banks by being one of the first nation-wide, private sector, non-NGO transformed, commercially sustainable micro-finance institutions in Pakistan. Telenor recently acquired a 51% stake in the bank and EZ Paisa, the joint Telenor, Tameer initiative has been making news within the microfinance and micro payment community throughout the world.