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Teaching with Promethean boards

I have’nt done a narcisstic post on this blog for a while now. I think one post every few months is good for my circulation, ego, profile and image. So while the post is supposedly about my recent love affair with Promethean Boards, there is as much of moa in each of the pictures as there is the board.

On day one of my first introductory meeting with the Board I refused point blank to work with it. I thought it was crude, awkward, a change from my usual comfort level with traditional, conventional and cheaper white boards. Three weeks later, the day before classes started when I started playing with the board for the heck of it, I said to myself, you know this isn’t as bad as I made it out to be. Maybe there is something here.

On day three when we ran out of space on the walls and my regular non-electronic white board I finally started using it. And then I figured how to juggle my power point, my excel sheet and the flip chart on the board at the same time and I was hooked. On day four we discovered color and on day five when we started exporting the board images to power point there was no turning back.

And finally this Saturday when I sat down to do some work with the team on the whiteboard in my office, I automatically reached for the new flipchart icon on the left hand side. Which is when I realized that I had left my white board user heart and my promthean board back in Abu Dhabi.

I now need to figure out how to convince Nasr to buy me one of these for me to play with at our office in Karachi.

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