Desi Back to Desh

Between airports, airplanes and transit lounges

Welcome home

Every time I land at Karachi Airport I realize how much I miss this country when I travel and how lucky I am that despite my schedule, I spend a large part of my working life closer to home.

As I walk through one of the fastest immigration lines on any airport, pick my luggage from baggage claim and head out I can’t help noticing other expat families looking for familiar faces. Many are tired after their 12 to 18 hour journeys from Europe and North America, but underneath that weariness you can still see the impact of coming home. Every face is a different story, every gesture a different chapter.

I did that same routine for five years and every time we had to head back to the US, leaving Ammi, Abba behind, it was a teary gut wrenching experience. The best part of the trip was always landing at Karachi airport and realizing that for the next two weeks you were home and with family.