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Woman by the wall – Auction

Just spoke to Sama and found out that “Woman by the Wall” is actually still drying on canvas and has not been sold. Since I was the technologist responsible for getting Sama onto Facebook (thank you Jehan) and her blog (thank you Mohtashim), I made a bet.


I told her I could sell Woman by the Wall for her using technology faster than she could using traditional, old fashioned conventional means and get her a better price in the bargain.


So here is the deal. You can see the piece in its full glory below. It is oil on canvas, unframed. The dimensions are 36 inches by 42 inches. And trust me, the digital picture you see here does no justice to the original piece.


Sama has always been inspired by Women. You can see that in her portfolio and on her Facebook page. For this piece her model was the woman from Thar. All in all, from inspiration to finishing the piece took two and a half months to complete. Like all artist Sama loves to paint but has no interest in selling. When I asked her about the back story for the piece, she said, “Hey, it just a woman by the wall in Thar and she’s gorgeous. Pick any element on this canvas and there is a story behind that; from the matka on her head, to the bangles on her arms, from the wall behind her, to the shadow on the wall, what more do you want.”



If you are interested in buying this piece, unframed, email me your bid at Please title your bid, Woman by the Wall – Auction bid. Bidding closes at Wednesday, 6 pm, 31st March, 2010. For international buyers, the canvas can be shipped via DHL, FedEx or UPS, properly packaged and with insurance. Payment can be made by Google checkout or a pay order drawn on a Pakistani bank.


For a reference price check, the last piece that Sama sold was also oil on canvas with similar dimensions and was sold for a dollar sum that included a digit and three zeroes.

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