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Business School Application Essay – A blast from the past

Just posted something on startup insights that took me back to 1997. I thought I shouldn’t deprive my 5 loyal readers (Jehan, Qazi, Faisal Khan, Nash and myself) on this blog from the pleasure of reading more from the same folder. Here is another business school application essay from a late night in 1997.



There are two things that may not be reflected in my application. First of all I am an individual. To a certain extent whatever I have done so far in life is a manifestation of this fact. Although I adapt very well but I will grow and learn most in an environment that appreciates my individuality and allows me to express it.


The other is my undergraduate GPA. I enrolled in the computer science program and started taking my Actuarial Exams at the same time. This was in January 1990. For the next three years I took my Actuarial and Computer Science exams side by side. Twice a year in May and November. I did not do too well on either of them, as is apparent from my transcript. Towards the later part of my degree (4th Semester onwards) I finally figured out how to juggle the two courses together and that is when my GPA started picking up.


I have done a number of things in my life and have no major regrets. Two things have given me an enormous amount of personal satisfaction. The first is being a student and allowing a teacher to show me things that I could never see before. The second is teaching. There is something to a student-teacher’s relationship that is not captured in any other relationship in this world.


I have been blessed with outstanding teachers throughout my student life. My math’s teacher in high school was not the only one who changed my life. I have had great math’s teachers, great language teachers and great computer science teachers. It is mainly because of them that I also teach. What that gives me is something that is beyond words. (Between you and me, on a really long term basis, that is what I really want to do. Teach.)


I think I have a well-balanced personality. I read, I write, I work, I socialize. Once upon a time I used to run. Now I do not get the time (and it shows). I love theater. I love watching good plays and love doing good plays. I think what I like most about stage is its power to hold people’s attention and move their emotions. There is nothing that beats the rush when you hear people applaud at the end of your performance. Or when a complete stranger stops to tell you “That was a great show”.


Incidentally all three of my interests in life have a common theme. With Math you have to practice till it becomes second nature. With athletics you have to train till it becomes second nature. And with stage you have to rehearse till it becomes second nature.


To end this “short and sweet” note, there are three basic reasons why I am applying to your school.


  1. It is the right fit for me.
  2. I am impressed by your teachers and their ability to teach.
  3. Despite a tight schedule, I think that (after five long years) I will have the opportunity to indulge myself again.


That is all. Thank you