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Columbia Business School, 10th year, class of 2000 reunion update…

Frank Byrd was the portrait of a southern gentleman at Columbia. Cultured, polite, smart, likeable and very down to earth. I remember at least a handful of my class mates who used to swoon, every time Frank would pass by (don’t worry my lips are sealed, Frank make it worth my while and I will spill)…

So it was a real pleasure to see this one liner in my mailbox from Frank, this morning.

“Don’t wimp out.  Nobody cares if you’re working at Starbucks.  There’s way too much gossip to share and lies to tell.  Be there. You may be old, but you’re not alone!”  

On our 5th reunion (which I missed), I was thinking how I would introduce myself to friends I hadn’t seen in ages. On my 10th I think it would be appropriate to just get by with fat, bald and fired by Starbucks or the equally devastating, can’t even get a job at Starbucks since Costa shutdown in my neighborhood.

Let me know if you have any real zingers that I could share in my next bestselling book, the 10th year reunion nightmare, confessions of a failure. The book needs to be out by the 23rd April which is when Cluster X will get together for their 10th year reunion bash on Lexington.

Jawwad farid is proud to be a failure and even wrote a book on failure that failed to become a best seller.

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