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Saying Goodbye to Nestle

Over the last two months, all three of our kids (aged 5, 7 and 11) developed symptoms of lactose intolerance. Upset stomachs, vomiting and cramps. We had been a loyal Nestle Milkpak family for more than 10 years or so we never thought that there was anything wrong with Nestle Milkpak. Then by accident one of the teachers at school gave Taha an Engro foods milk product (a milk drink in fruity flavors). By the time we found out it was too late so we waited for the symptoms to start. And they didn’t.

In a week, the entire family was drinking Awesome. A friendly chat with another friend in the milk business dug up even more sordid details about the milk business. Two months later we have switched completely to Olpers, the Engro milk brand. Nestle has already lost the Nestle water account with us, they just lost the milk account. So all they have left in this household is the occasional fruit juice when we feel like a sugar rush.

But the good news is that kids are drinking milk again. Nestle on the other hand needs to get their act together.