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Startup Guide: CEO Club session at Columbia Business School

Thanks to Hasan, Carolyn, Ben and the CEO and SABA members for first arranging the session at Columbia Business at such short notice and then showing up in strenght at 8 am on a Monday morning. I was pleasantly surprised by the size and the enthusiasim of the audience. And as Hasan and Carolyn put it, if you showed up at 8 am, you were certainly committed to the cause.

We did a quick intro about what I had been upto and then opened up the floor for questions that dealt with

  1. What did failure feel actually felt like?
  2. Was it better to do a self funded life style business or a VC funded large exit?
  3. Lessons learnt and the types of failures we are likely to experience?
  4. The four hour plan or what it takes to build a startup?
  5. Should you start up in school or wait till you graduate?

  1. The first 12 months of a startup are the most difficult and then you get used to it.
  2. Why should you focus on generating revneues as early and quickly as possible?
  3. The baby steps required to crack a large market in small increments?
  4. How did I handle failure and when was I ready to start again?
  5. When is the right time to quit?
  6. How to motivate teams when things are not good?
  7. How and who to recruit for your teams?




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