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Startup Insiders: Back in Karachi: Business models that don’t work

Jehan is up-to no good again.

As part of her desire to increase the number of non-conformist, flower bearing, independent, ultra cool apple product users, she wants as many young ones to work for themselves as possible (assuming that there is a connection, she thinks so). But rather than putting up unassailable success stories, this time she decided to put together a collection of school of hard knocks graduates who will demystify the myth around why their business models didn’t work.

My only gripe about the session is that she put me up in a suit and tie! One time in a year I put on a tie, she catches me on camera and I am branded for life.

If you want to learn more about what worked or didn’t work in online auctions, Telco applications, analytics, online education, banking and financial services, join PASHA and TIE at the business models that don’t work session on Wednesday evening at T2F.

Will see you there!

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