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Startup Trek: Dubai T3 Transit: In Search of a Power plug at 2 am

So the first casualty of the trip was my super comfy grey fleece that I lost at Karachi airport. Apparently if I am not wearing something, or it’s not attached to me or my bag pack there is a very good chance that I will forget it somewhere on an airport and realize the loss in another time zone. Still forgetting a SIM and losing a phone card is a different class act then misplacing a piece of your attire with its square footage an order of magnitude greater than a phone card.

Post this loss started the trek for an empty stall at Dubai airport which was a joy ride at 2 am compared to the normal early morning rush hour. The loo find was a lucky strike since it also led me straight to a power plug. Your best bet is the floor seat right next to the many mobile charging units found at T3. You can’t miss them, just head straight for the LG HD TV screens.