Desi Back to Desh

Between airports, airplanes and transit lounges

Startup Trek: The 7 days, 5 airport, 16,000 mile journey starts

Just about ready to head out home from work and start packing for the trip. The last two days have been a stretch.

Marketing collateral, tickets and power plugs are all in the bag. The Europe Ash affair has really screwed up schedules and the first casualty is the emirates online check in.

Here is the schedule as it stands now.

Leave tonight via Emirates and land in NYC via Dubai (3 in one night) on the morning of 18th. Finalize the posts and contents for the Pakistan Risk Portal and Pakistan Investment Portal on the 13 hour flight. (assuming I can find a seat with a charger).

First informal meeting to get the lay of the land with a friend in the afternoon at Grand central on 18th. I am going back after 8 years, can use all the help I can get. Followed by a second informal chat with a family friend about opportunities, the same evening.

Breakfast session with SABA and CEO students at Columbia at 8 am on the 19th. Locate Ralph Biggadike and Mark Broadie at school, drop in, if possible and say hi. Waiting for two more meeting to confirm for 19th evening.

Meeting with a friend of Maroof in the hedge fund business on 20th, time still to be set. Frank may also confirm for Tuesday. At 2 pm catch the train down to Darden from Penn central. Catch up on sleep and work in transit. In the end it was a toss-up between catching the view-liner versus a flight from JFK or LaGuardia. Net of net I thought I would get more work done and would arrive in far better shape.

21st is one informal meeting followed by another at Darden. Adnan has plans for a quite dinner with friends and a mentoring session on Risk management.

22nd the Darden Reboot presentation and then hitch a ride to Richmond to catch the flight back to New York.

23rd morning – breakfast meeting with a client. 23rd and 24th CBS reunion and reconnecting with long lost friends and class mates

24th evening catch flight back to Richmond to make the 25th appointment with Shane.

25th Dinner with Shane and a finally some time with Sana and Adnan.

26th head out to the airport and catch flight back to New York. Catch up with Yusaf and Noman, both on their way in to JFK from Karachi. Late evening, head out to the airport to finally head back home with Sana and Mikail.

28th morning land in Karachi…