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The Columbia Business School – Reunion – old memories

I feel like a kid in a toy store. There is so much to see and do so many memories to revisit.

And at 7 am on a chilled Monday morning the Columbia campus has only a few early risers spread like frostings on a cake on college walk.

It is too early for students and too late for joggers, but just right for me on campus after 8 years. But I am there with the cherry trees in full bloom and the only thing that I am missing is Fawzia. I wish she was here.

Can you find the hidden owl in the picture.


The one dollar pizza that served as lunch and dinner on campus for two years. I had to have a slice (one for me, one for Fawzia) with the standard toppings (jalapenos, olives, pineapples and mushrooms)

And the friendly service I remember is just as friendly