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May, 2010

Technorati Top 100 – Cracking the Technorati code or a 500 Technorati rating in four weeks

While we wait for Traffic to climb and our Google search engine page rankings to move up and our Adsense revenues to break the three dollar barrier the upward movement in Technorati rankings has been a great motivator for the last few days. When you spend late nights tweaking key words and posts and ponder […]

Learning Finance debut onto page one of Google search results

Four months of sleepless nights and the Learning Finance blog is on Google search engine results page one. Details on Startup Insights. It as Zafar said when I spoke to him yesterday after his arrival back from the Google IO conference. Just like all mad quants head to Wall Street trading desks, all intelligent and […]

My Google Adsense Adventure – Traffic update

Here is the traffic update for the month of May, a full three days early before month end. Given the long weekend in North America, the origin of most of my traffic, there is not going to be much to write home about on the 31st. Last Saturday I wrote my 3 months Google Adsense […]

Finance – I-Banking Summer Internships – Prep Reading Guide

As first year MBA and undergraduate business school students head for their summer internships and the graduating class pack up their bags to step into the real world, here is a quick and handy prep reference reading guide for summer interns. These are all free short online courses with simple examples that can serve as […]

Youtube is back

Finally, sanity prevails..

Technorati Top 100 – Crude Oil Insights

So before Technorati wakes up and tells me that it was all a cruel sad mistake and there is no way on this planet (or any other for that matter) that anyone sane is going to entrust me with a 550 rating, that too for a collection of really badly drawan excel graphs and equally […]

And we are hot…Technorati top 100 here we are…

The crude oil insight blog, breaks into the first technorati top 100 lists with an authority rating of 550. I have no idea how the hell did that happens (I have a few sneaking suspicions). For a blog that started off in February and is still ranked with a page rank of only 2.0, the […]

500,000 page-views, 4.5 years, three incarnations

I had been so busy with work, travel, travel, work and breaking the 3 dollar Adsense barrier that I completely missed a milestone I had been eagerly awaiting for the past few months. Somewhere in May, (don’t know when), the Desi Back to Desh blog crossed 500,000 page views. I was just checking my regular […]

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My Google Adsense mis-adventure – Invasion of the spiders, help please – Part III

Since we are on topic, I thought I would also post the Statpress snapshot. Is this normal? I have about 80 – 100 unique visitors with 425 pageviews (which is fine) but 2,513 spiders in a day and by the time I am done with may I would have had the dubious distinction of having […]

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My Google Adsense mis-adventure – Site portfolio and profiles – Part II

Here is the profile of my adsense enabled sites, their traffic patterns and their revenue contribution over the last three months. I am open to any tips, suggestions, ideas and thoughts that will help me double or triple these numbers in the next four weeks. Desi Back To Desh blog The very first blog that […]

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