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My Google Adsense Journey – Three months of Adsense, lessons learnt

In the beginning there was oil…

It was oil that started the Adsense debate, the oil insights blog and the follow on blogs that came later. Learning Finance, Startup Insights and a couple of other interesting experiments. Three months later the click through rate (CTR) is the highest on Oil Insights, the traffic is highest on the personal blog and the Adsense revenues are the highest on the oil insights domain. While traffic continues to pick up, today was a really good day since Oil Insights crossed the 400 score on Technorati, and got listed at

So the focus now is to build up the Oil Insights domain both in terms of traffic, content and revenues. Over the next 10 days we will try aiming at two to three posts a day and see what that does to the technorati rankings and traffic. The other interesting bit that came off Google Analytics was that on the two content specific sites, ( and, 75% of the traffic is now coming through long tailed search engine queries. I have no idea what that means, but it looks to be a good thing.