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PTA kills the internet and pulls Pakistan back into Stone Age

One big step forward for PTA (the Pakistan Telecom Authority), a time warp portal for 160 million Pakistanis.

In the worst days of a dictatorial government this wasn’t done. An overzealous judge and an equally incompetent regulator have rolled back Pakistan into the dark ages.

Suddenly without Wikipedia, without you-tube and without Google, the internet savvy population of Pakistan has been left in a state of withdrawal. Out to showcase their incompetence, PTA, the regulator behind the telecommunication industry had gone ahead and killed the Internet across Pakistan. While the judicial judgment that led to this entire debacle can be debated both ways, the implementation of the order by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority shows how mis-understood the internet highway is within that organization.

Anyone for firing Chairman PTA? If he had any sense of remorse, he should step down. And if he was serious about his job he should have resigned before carrying out these orders. When Latif Khosa can take a stand and pick a fight with the Judiciary, why can’t Dr. Yasin follow in the same footsteps?