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Facebook restored-PTA challenges and cure

Another Lahore High Court judge restores Facebook access in Pakistan showing that our Judiciary can set a wrong right much before the national telecommunication regulator can. Not sure who filed the petition but it was the smartest thing to do under the circumstances. Just wondering if the technology industry is going to take PTA to court and the cleaners for their incompetence in implementing the Facebook ban.

The issue is not Facebook access, the issue is that the PTA has a well documented history of reacting with a heavy hand that destroys first and ask questions later. They did it when they detected grey traffic as part of their own testing during the Numbers Portability project, fumbled the detection process and arrested a member of the technology community three years ago. When their mistake came to light they took their own sweet time in withdrawing the complaint. They did the same when they unilaterally cut off VOIP access without following due process and once again damaging the image of technology infrastructure and the BPO industry in this country and they did again this year with the Facebook Ban.

One of these days they will do something that will completely kill the technology industry in this country in their haste to react. The only way for them to stop and think before they act is to make them pay. Let them lose a couple of billion rupees in damages in a civil suit and they will learn to respect. Atleast it will be a better allocation of funds.