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July, 2010

The Alchemy Risk Management Solution Matrix

10 years ago the risk function at a mid size regional bank was complex enough. Recently though when we put together our risk solution matrix, I realized how complex our world as risk managers has become. Gone are the days when we could survive in silos or get away with just being a credit or […]

Reboot – Now available on the Apple iphone store

Thanks to Vahzay, the Ebook edition of Reboot is now available from the Apple itune store for a nominal price.

Singapore-Nature-Treks: Return to Bukit Timah

After 5 days of the Alexandra Arch to Faber point trek every morning, on the sixth day we set off for Bukit Timah. It had been 18 long months since I had last experienced the best free entertainment in Singapore. It was time to return to the trail to see if I could still surive […]

Singapore Morning Walks – Alexandra Arch to Faber Point and back through Forest Walk, Henderson Waves and Faber Point

I have always had a soft spot for SP Jain’s Singapore campus off Hyderabad Road and Alexandra, immediately after Hort Park and the imposing Alexandra Arch. It is a beautiful colonial heritage building that once upon a time belonged to the Nizam of Hyderabad and was then designated as an educational campus earlier in this […]

Banking Sector performance – Peer group analysis of the big 8

A summary view of the banking sector performance for calendar year 2009 for the big 8 banks is presented graphically below. The list of factors being assessed include leverage, capital adequacy, income breakdowns by business lines, cost to income, margins, returns, spreads, loan losses and price to book value. This analysis was produced as part […]

Learning Corporate Finance visitors – Quantcast and Adsense update

Multiple updates from our side. Yes I have been missing in action for quite a while. Long story ahead, short post to follow In the mean time here is what Quantcast has to say about the traffic on the Learning Corporate Finance and Oilinsights domains. Who says you can’t attract quality US traffic while sitting […]