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Learning Corporate Finance visitors – Quantcast and Adsense update

Multiple updates from our side.

Yes I have been missing in action for quite a while. Long story ahead, short post to follow

In the mean time here is what Quantcast has to say about the traffic on the Learning Corporate Finance and Oilinsights domains. Who says you can’t attract quality US traffic while sitting in Pakistan.

Full credit for discovering quantcast goes to the SEO extension/plugin on Google chrome. On the traffic side, we have crossed the 5,000 unique visitors a month and 10,000 pageviews a month threshold on Google Analytics in July for the first time. However due to my absence from the blogging front, traffic took a pitstop over the last two weeks. Hopefully with new posts coming this week, the outlook should improve. June advertising revenue was 5.2 US dollars, a rise of about 25% a month over May’s 4.02 US dollars.

For a more updated version of this page, please see the Finance visitors profile page at the Corporate Finance Education blog