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Singapore Morning Walks – Alexandra Arch to Faber Point and back through Forest Walk, Henderson Waves and Faber Point

I have always had a soft spot for SP Jain’s Singapore campus off Hyderabad Road and Alexandra, immediately after Hort Park and the imposing Alexandra Arch. It is a beautiful colonial heritage building that once upon a time belonged to the Nizam of Hyderabad and was then designated as an educational campus earlier in this decade. Some of my best work has been done gazing out the windows of the faculty lounge at the huge span of trees on Alexandra, across a rainbow made only of shades of green. And I generally pack 10 days of work with me just so that I could keep up with the productivity boost this campus provides.

Not so on this trip.

This trip I promised myself that I would venture out across the Arch in the rain forest that leads to Faber point. I had heard rumours to the effect but with the help of Ajmal and Simar I finally made it across the road and onto the rain forest. And what I discovered and saw made me go back again and again for two hour walking treks come rain or shine, through out the remaining six days of my trip so that I could be one with the forest walk.

You would too if you saw a path heading out to the top of the rain forest at 7 am in the morning.

That ended up at a summit with breath taking views of cable cars

And the port

With ample opportunity for you to find yourself among vistas made out of cloudy skies and landscaped trees and silent spots where you could no longer hear the city speak.

Just woodpeckers

And amazing flowers

But there was some heart-ache involved. When you looked at imposing staircases that proxied heart-attack ridge for those of us with weak hearts and even weaker knees.

Still there was some respite, it wasn’t just sharp inclines.

or staircases.

Enough said, let the pictures speak now.