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August, 2010

Top Ten MBA programs: 15 months as a MBA student at Columbia Business School

I put these together as an informal sampler of my business school education, a journey that started with an ideal conversation in March 1997 and ended on commencement day in April 2000 at Uris Hall, the Columbia Business School campus on 116th and Broadway. In March 1997 I never thought that an Ivy League MBA […]

Pakistan Flood Relief: The uphill battle to rebuild lives.

The water came at night in Nowshera. Not silently like a thief, nor on tip toes, but with all the ferocity of a moving sea mixed with the weight of mud, stones, trees and swept away dreams. 2 am at night, all you could do was wake up and run. But unlike a tidal wave […]

Interesting Historical context: World GDP over the last 2000 years

Gulzar at Urbanomics picks up a graph courtesy of the Economist showing the top contributors to world GDP over the last two thousand years using 1990 dollars based Purchasing Parity Index. Over the years it seems that atleast using the Purchasing Parity Index the Global Economy has actually shrunk. Also witness the rise of the […]

Pakistan flood relief: Mosharraf Zaidi gives a voice to our thoughts: Where is the world in Pakistan?

How different are these kids from my kids, this family from my family, this room from my room. Mosharraf Zaidi articulates what all of us are feeling right now in his Foreign Policy piece on Why doesn’t the world care about Pakistan. In his powerful words “There’s a degree of truth to all these explanations. […]

Happy Birth day to me

Now that the news is out, I might as well wish myself. For my 39th birthday at the stroke of midnight in the midst of a blog upgrading orgy (from WordPress 2.7 to 3.01), I blew up the Crude Oil Insight blog. The resulting four hour headache reminded me how inadequate I have become when […]

Crude Oil Outlook – Crude Oil price outlook increasingly bearish for second half 2010

This weekend ran into a bit of time and did a review of educated posts on the status of the US economy, China, Europe, crude oil production, foreign currencies and the combined impact of all of the above on crude oil price outlook in the next two quarters. Do you want a quick summary? One […]

Fixed Income securities, Bruce Tuckman: Recommended Reading

They say you can tell everything about someone by taking a look at his bedside reading list. Here is a new feature that shares my bed side reading habits as well as reviews one handy and useful book that helped me get to the next stage of understanding in this field. My book of the […]

Learning Corporate Finance – A new look for the top five courses

Online Finance courses – Top finance courses at the Finance e-education portal

Based on Google analytics tracking, here are the top courses on the Corporate Finance e-education portal this month.   Structured Products: Basic Products, sample term sheet and pricing | Learning Corporate Finance – 171 Views Calculating Forward Prices, Forward Rates and Forward Rate Agreements (FRA) – Calculation reference | Learning Corporate Finance – 146 Views Asset Liability […]

Learning Corporate Finance – Now a Technorati Top 100 Finance blog

It took five months to break through the Technorati Rating system but earlier this month Learning Corporate Finance finally became a Technorati Top 100 Finance blog. Couldn’t have done this without our content team (Agnes, Nabil and Adnan) and our super editor (Uzma) or our designer (Nida Faizi) or without the marvelous technological platform of […]

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