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Happy Birth day to me

Now that the news is out, I might as well wish myself.

For my 39th birthday at the stroke of midnight in the midst of a blog upgrading orgy (from WordPress 2.7 to 3.01), I blew up the Crude Oil Insight blog. The resulting four hour headache reminded me how inadequate I have become when it comes to technology, ftp connections and WordPress. But then only a 39 year old geek can use the four words (orgy, wordpress, blog, upgrades) in the same sentence and live to get away with it. Crude Oil Insights is still down and out and will take the rest of the day to sort out. And this is just after I was considering declaring myself a WP expert. But what the heck. It is 16th August, time to go out and party.

Thank you all for your wishes and Facebook updates and remembering me in your prayers.