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Between airports, airplanes and transit lounges

Istanbul Hotels – Radisson Blue at the Airport

When the Turkish airline shuttle drops you off at the Radisson Blu airport hotel at 10 pm at night, you think that you have been dumped at yet another airport hotel. But that is before your monring walk when you discover that you are right next to a Metro station and the Metro station is attached to the suburb that is a city in itself surrounding the airport.

As a displaced and offloaded family of five we are able to negotiate an exchange of our four allocated rooms for a pair of business rooms right next to each other. The check in crew at Radisson Blu is infinitely more reasonable at 10 pm at night than I am certainly teach a thing or two to the Turkish airline ground crew at Istanbul airport.

The rooms are spacious, comfortable and most importantly come with free internet. We are right in front of an indoor Zen pool that immediately captivates Taha’s attention and manages to stay at spot number 2 right beneath the huge glass windows overlooking the airport and the freeway leading to it.