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Turkey review: Antalya waterfalls – the upper Duden waterfalls and the nature park falls

The Upper Duden Waterfall or Duden Selale in Turkish is quite close to Lara Beach, right next to the riverside Duden Park (which was right next to the Karahan Family home, our base station for the next five days). We were lucky that Hasan’s father took us to the waterfall park on day one so that for the next three days we could enjoy our morning walks right next to the soothing sounds of water going over the hills

Overlooking a choppy crystal clear sea beneath.

Right in front of your eyes.

19 km from Antalya there is the Kursunlu Waterfall in the heart of a pine forest and a natural park surrounded by ferns, fig trees and a mystical pool of water that reminds you of the resting place of yin and yang from the most recent interpretation of the last air bender.