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September, 2010

New Option pricing using spreadsheets course at Learning Corporate Finance

This course focuses on an alternative method of implementing a two-dimensional binomial tree compared to the traditional method of building a binomial tree in excel presented in most option pricing text books.   The alternate approach is based on the techniques documented by Professor Mark Broadie at Columbia Business School as part of his coursework in […]

The Online Finance Course store goes live

A full ten years after I wrote my first finance course, the Online Finance Course store is now live at the Learning Corporate Finance Portal. Over the last 30 months, our model for selling content online has taken some unexpected routes. Figuring out word press hacks, digital rights management and payment gateways in this part […]

Business School Applications: The Four core components of your b school application

Here is another installment of my notes on your business school application. Here is a brief summary of to topics I cover in the sub posts that follow. The B School timelines post covers the personal profile and attributes that help you get through the application process. Success or failure of your application is dependent […]

Entrepreneurial Finance: A new market entry, product pricing case study

Launching a new product in a new market is in most cases a guessing game. When it comes to technology and financial services sector you also run into perception and regulatory issues which normally are not a consideration at a consumer product level. Our first intersectional case study combines elements of developing a new market […]

The Value at Risk online store goes live at Learning Corporate Finance

After a number of requests for an offline, easier to use, read and work with electronic version of our courses, Learning Corporate Finance announces the soft launch of its online course inventory store.  For soft launch, our most popular Value at Risk (VaR) and Interest Rate Derivatives courses have been converted into PDF files with […]

Aisam does a double, double: US Open Finals, Men’s double and Mixed doubles.

Way to go Aisam ul Haq and Rohan. A desi mens and mixed doubles final at the US Open. We are all rooting for you.

Thank you Aisam and Rohan: US Open and the IndoPak express

For giving our two nations a reason to smile today. Aisam and Rohan made it to the US Open doubles semi’s and Aisam with his mixed double partner became the first Pakistani ever to reach the final of the US Open (or any other Tennis Grand Slam tournament).   We hope and pray that you […]

Corporate Finance Blog gets a make over

Learning Corporate Finance, our Corporate Finance course portal started with the simplest of word press themes in February 2010. I had managed to get a crash course in word press management when Awab pointed out that my primary blog had been infested by spam injections that pointed the source on the page to everywhere but […]

Google Adsense Adventure: Adsense revenue, impressions and clicks analysis for an online education business

Here is some additional detail on the review of traffic on the Learning Corporate Finance Portal that I ran a little earlier. I exported a simple dump out of Google Analytics to take a look at earnings and clicks in a given month. The graph below shows Adsense earnings and Adsense clicks on the vertical […]

Google Adsense adventure: The search for traffic and adsense revenues continues

Figure 1 Corporate Finance Traffic Stats The search for incremental traffic and revenues continues on Learning Corporate Finance, the finance E-education portal I have now been running since early March 2010. First the good news. Apparantely all the directory submission work done in May 2010 has finally started to payoff. Either that or Google has […]

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