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Corporate Finance Blog gets a make over

Learning Corporate Finance, our Corporate Finance course portal started with the simplest of word press themes in February 2010. I had managed to get a crash course in word press management when Awab pointed out that my primary blog had been infested by spam injections that pointed the source on the page to everywhere but where I wanted to go.

In May and June we started experimenting with a new theme that helped grow traffic to the 5,000 unique visitors and 10,000 page views a month benchmark in August. While the last upgrade took more than a weekend, this morning within a couple of hours, the new makeover for the Corporate Finance blog was complete. Part of it was the accident in August that led me to ITX and their multi-configuration themes and the rest was simply the synergies behind the WordPress eco system. I have no misconceptions about my technical abilities.

Go take a look at the new colors at our collection of corporate finance courses. The fact that I could something like at all, let alone in under an afternoon at work is a testimony to how powerful a content management system Word press has become. It also raises an interesting question about the future of Learning Management Systems and the role content has to play in the coming years. Technically speaking within a few tweaks of code, plugins and widgets you have everything you need to unleash your content on the world. That is if you have content. Stay tuned to the next tweak in our business model over the next few weeks.