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November, 2010

Forecasting Interest Rates and Applications workshop: December 22nd, 23rd

Interest Rate Forecasting and Modeling workshop The workshop is aimed at treasury, risk and fixed income investors who use interest rate forecasting tools for arbitrage, ALM, risk or credit policy decisions. Teaching methodology is based on intensive hands on model building and application cases. The workshop covers four different families of interest rate models starting […]

A risk applications textbook with a difference: Risk Frameworks, 2nd Edition is here

Ever since I started running risk management training workshops and teaching Executive MBA students, I had been looking for a textbook that walked the middle ground between plain English, as few mathematical equations as possible and exactly the right topics I needed to teach. It had to be concise and to the point yet cover […]

Business Plan Cheat Sheet – Two business plans up for a half baked sale

We learn by doing, seeing and at time imitating. For that is what it took for me to write my first business plan. The course that made it happen was Glen Hubbard’s Entrepreneurial Finance at Columbia Business School. For the past three terms I had been working on the outline of an idea and using […]

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I quit.

A few months short of forty, my most recent product launch almost put me into the ground. While the details are hazy and there are many candidates responsible for making me miss a week of work, the conclusion this afternoon was clear. I am too old for the life I have been leading the last […]

How not to move your blog in ten easy steps…

It would be funny if I hadn’t lived through it. When I first started thinking about moving Learning Corporate Finance from its original home I didn’t think the move would take more than two weeks. A week to pack up, research a good SEO optimized name, another to regroup, redploy and redirect. A quick dry […] is now live

Eight months ago I asked myself a simple question. Is it possible to make money online selling content and advertising to people I haven’t met with only Google as a facilitator. The general answer I had received over the past few years was yes but the details about “how” were missing. Three friends held out […]