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December, 2010

Finance Training Courses: Top Posts in December

Finance Course Store | Finance Training Courses – 453 Views Corporate Finance First Course | Finance Training Courses  – 256 Views ICAAP Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Sample ICAAP report format and table of content | Corporate Finance Training Courses – 248 Views The Derivatives Crash Course for Dummies | Finance Training Courses  – 192 Views Calculating Forward […]

December Traffic update: It is down with a capital D…

Apparently everyone who has been reading Learning Corporate Finance is stuck at New York airport waiting for their flights, stuck in the subway for the snow to clear or in transit back to warmth and civilization. And those that didn’t venture out have snuck into their blankets with thick warm book. No one wants to […]

Grey, cold and silent…

The city is grey, cold and silent. I love Decembers, except when I am in New York, when my affections shift to April. I could use a heater in the room since my new bald (Bond, James Bond) look is acting as an efficient conductor of heat seeping outside my system. In the interest of […]

Career choices that I made – early professional consulting career – lessons learnt

Career Lesson One – Opt for computer science The reason why I have such a soft corner for computer science is that I don’t think it is an optional undergraduate degree. I think it is a mandatory skill set that teaches us how to think and approach problems and then gives us an opportunity to […]

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The Career choices I have made – my early professional consulting career: The path of an entrepreneur

28 December 1992 is the day when I said no to my first and only job offer after 15 years of extremely expensive education. It was late evening on Chundrigar Road (our financial down town) with the December chill lurking around the corner making the world looking a little bit greyer than it really was. […]

The Swan Thieves – The other novel by Elizabeth Kostova

In my old age I am getting crankier and difficult to work with. Little things set me off like a fire cracker. And every now then I take a reaction to heart and go hide behind my laptop. When time gets tough this laptop hiding game becomes even more interesting and frequent. Two months ago […]

On doubling web traffic – guidance note for a new hire and the Adsense addiction

My state of mind these days is just completely dominated by traffic. Anything to add a few more visitors to Learning Corporate Finance and book a few more sales through my Online Finance Course Store. Once upon a time, before I met Zafar Khan, I was a normal guy. I would get up at 5 […]

ICAAP: Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process Crash Course

Capital Adequacy was the principal message of the Basel II framework.  However a static regulator driven capital adequacy measure was deemed insufficient to manage the risk profile and capital requirements of an active bank in today’s risk environment creating the need for an internal and invasive assessment of the capital profile of a bank.  Ideally […]

20,000 page views, Eight thousand visitors and 200 dollars in revenues – Corporate Finance Blog, November update

Some of you have been following the Learning Corporate Finance saga on this blog for the last few months. It is a story that started in February of this year when I finally gave in and started uploading content we generate as part of my risk training practice online. Rather than doing video which is […]