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On doubling web traffic – guidance note for a new hire and the Adsense addiction

My state of mind these days is just completely dominated by traffic. Anything to add a few more visitors to Learning Corporate Finance and book a few more sales through my Online Finance Course Store.

Once upon a time, before I met Zafar Khan, I was a normal guy. I would get up at 5 am in the morning, brush my teeth, offer my prayers and go for a walk or a workout. I would then make breakfast for the kids and spend some time with them and my loving and supportive wife. After I met Zafar, now when I get up at 5 am in the morning I go straight to my laptop and check my Google Adsense earnings and keep on clicking refresh in the hope that the big fat zero would somehow change driven by my will and persistence (some would call it blind optimism). On most days I find that after hardly sleeping for four hours (sometimes less), I am richer by exactly 4 cents.

Adjusting for the non working hours in a day, counting for inflation and compounding on a continuous basis with full reinvesting that translates into 2.117 billion US dollars a year in income. Be nice to me for a year from now when I collect on my billion dollar payout, I will stop returning your phone calls.

Here is an instance of that mindset, directions to an evangelist who just came on board to spread the word about Finance Training Courses. If you would like to pitch for a similar role, please drop me a line.


Dear Evangelist

Here is the site Learning Corporate Finance that I spoke to you about earlier. We are now doing 8,000 visitors and 20,000 page views a month. Your mission, should you chose to accept is to double this figure before the end of the current year (15 days).  This disc will self destruct in 15 seconds.

You can do that by reviewing the site and evaluating its content and then selectively promoting the site across your network of centers of influence including doing posts on facebook and your class alumni list.  

Please note that sitting on your PC at work and clicking on the site 20,000 times in the next 15 days will not work since you will only be counted as one visitor from Karachi by Google Analytics. Also we need international visitors more than locals so asking your friends on the next desk to click 20,000 times will also not help your cause.

Please file a plan with me first before executing so that I can start tracking your performance.