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Finance Training Course – Traffic Update

Traffic finally picks up at Finance Training Courses and gets over the pre-Christmas slump levels. It looks as if we will finally break 20,000 page views and about 8,000 visitors again this month in January. Weekly numbers are now running at 1,800 visitors and 5,000 pageviews per week. [To answer Jay’s question, the graph below is a weekly representation (just press the middle tab on the extreme right hand corner of your Analytics graph) versus the default daily representation that we are used to seeing]

In addition bounce rate is now stable at 66%, average minutes on site at 3:37 and repeat visitors up at 20%. Prior to the move to the new domain (Finance Training Course) and the switch to the Pressplay theme, the bounce rate stayed at 74%, pages per visitors at 1.7 pages and time on site at under two minutes for over six months. The pick happened as soon as switched so there is something to be said about hosting on a root domain and using the right theme. Enabled the related post plug in and Smart 404 plug in last week so should see an improvement in all three numbers next month by atleast a few points.

Gross Google impression per month are up at 60,500 (through Google webmasters page) and Page Click through is now at 3,600 per month taking average site page Click Through Rate (CTR) to over 5.95%, a 20% increase from the first two weeks of the new year. A total of 85 pages are now being tracked through Google webmasters with a minimum click through traffic of 12 per month. Search engines now contribute more than 76% of daily traffic to the site.

Uzma and Agnes have been busy tweaking core pages and interfaces as well uploading new and fresh content on a daily basis. The pickup in click through in most likely due to all the cleanup work Uzma has been doing this last month on the site.