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March, 2011

Enchantment – Persuasion, selling and making a difference for startups by Guy Kawasaki

This March marks the 8th year I have been teaching entrepreneurship as a subject. In every group of 35 students I teach I come across a handful on fire. The wild, out of control, let me change the world fire, as well as the slow burning, smoldering, I will get through everything fire. All I […]

Finance Training Courses: From Inception (Text) to version 3.0 (Finance training videos):

A number of friends asked if I could put a post (or a series together) time lining the Finance Training Course adventure. For those of you who have just joined us, Finance Training Course is a business that grew out of a conversation last December with a friend about making money from selling content online. […]

Risk Training Courses- Year in review – Traffic, Products, Customers, Orders

Building the Onlnie Risk Training Niche – Part I Last week of February 2011 we quitely celebrated the first full year of Finance Training Courses (aka Learning Corporate Finance). A business initially conceived of 11 years ago that spawned a book, the startup crash course and a suprising rebirth selling online risk courses covering video […]

My name is Taha: Three

Taha turned six mashallah in February. We just did an immediate family get together at home and he was happy. While I travel like crazy trying to make numbers work, Fawzia has been holding the fort at home and at work. Yesterday morning she sent me a piece that I think you should also read. […]