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August, 2011

US Credit rating downgrade: A guide for dummies

Here is a list of three posts on the US credit rating downgrade posted earlier on Finance Training Course. The first post is an initial announcement and gut check, while the second reviews analysis published over the last 48 hours in global media supplemented by our opinions and outlook. The third is the first salvo […]

Who generates more traffic? Facebook, Google Plus, Linkedin or Google Search. A Traffic generation comparison study

I had always wondered where traffic to my sites came from. A superficial look at Google Analytics had indicated that search was the primary source of traffic and within search Google was king. By March 2011 it was generating more that 75% of visitors to three topic specific domains I run. But after being hit […]

Startup School – Top of the user league at Onstartup

Surprising results after two weeks of active participation on