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October, 2011

PTCL Plays Hardball with Maxcom customers

Imagine a world where you are extremely unhappy with your broadband service and you disconnect it. The service provider confirms that it has been done. You receive an email confirming that your request has been received. You hear nothing for the next few weeks. In August you find out that the service provider has been […]

The P@SHA Making History Project

Do you like to travel to exotic location with strange people? Do you like to write and take pictures and record videos? Can you move social media with a flick of your pen? Make founders and geeks clamor for your attention? If you fit the bill, take at look at the P@SHA Making History Project. […]

The case for toffeetv: Teaching kids how to learn Urdu through animation and fun

Here is the abbreviated pitch for and a short note to my friend Salman and his team. The market There are 7 million expat Pakistanis outside Pakistan. This number does not include the second or third generation or extended families and is limited to current NICOP and Passport holders. If you include Pakistani origin […]

Pitching for startup – Making winning business plan presentations

  I finally went ahead and did it. The Pitching for startups: Making winning business plan pitches is now live. I actually went step ahead and even did a Business Plan Pitching Case Studies supplementary course where we put everything we covered in the first course on 4 of my favorite pitches over the years. […]

English video transcribers – open positions

The job – Video transcribers, content editors and content writers Alchemy Technologies has a client who needs transcription services for a number of English videos. This is an ongoing assignment that will carry well into the next year. In its first phase about 12 hours of videos need to be transcribed in English.  If you […]

Stress Testing, ALM, Capital Adequacy online video courses

Three new posts at the Finance Training Course portal this week that broke the popularity graph. Continuing Profession Education (CPE) online learning solutions for actuaries Stress testing crash course for Board of Directors and Board Risk Committee members Cross selling treasury products Two new online video based courses – The Stress Testing, ALM and Capital […]