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PTCL Plays Hardball with Maxcom customers

Imagine a world where you are extremely unhappy with your broadband service and you disconnect it. The service provider confirms that it has been done. You receive an email confirming that your request has been received. You hear nothing for the next few weeks.

In August you find out that the service provider has been taken over for PTCL. Actually the transaction happened a few months ago which immediately explains why their service went down so dramatically.

Later that month you receive a bill from PTCL requiring you to pay for your disconnected service. You go over to the exchange and you are told that since you are now going to deal directly with PTCL there is no hope or chance of an appeal. They will keep on charging you for it. Plus you haven’t returned the modem. You return the modem and request them to kindly shut off the service since you are no longer using it and can no longer use it without the modem. PTCL tells you that No! since they are PTCL and they are a monopoly they can do whatever they want and they will keep on charging you for the service till you pay all past dues for service which was disconnected in July for which the modem was returned in August.

Calling Competition Commission of Pakistan and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority! Can you please drum since into these guys in Islamabad.