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Wateen Telecom: A big thank you

Every now and then I am forced to eat my words. Today I am going to willingly and happily do it.

Yesterday I raised a big ruckus because of a delivery issue by a vendor. Or what I thought was a vendor problem. Turned out later we called on someone to install a connection who was no longer an employee and was simply working as a free lance contractor. Hence the issue with delivery.

We had been exceedingly happy with Wateen’s Wimax bandwidth and the issue was a surprise.

However what was surprising was the speed and professionalism with which Wateen responded.

I did three things. Lodged a complaint to their call center. Posted a status update on Facebook and tweeted my outrage.

Here is what happened next.

The call center complaint was followed up by their investigation team in under 30 minutes. The response to the Facebook status update was immediate. 10 minutes later I had received a private message requesting me for details about the issue so that it can be addressed.

By 11:00 am the person responsible for my outrage had been located and was available on a conference call and assured me that the problem would be resolved in the next 2 hours. By 1 pm in the afternoon he was on site. By 2:30 pm the issue was fixed.

But beyond all of this, one person at Wateen took ownership of addressing my issue and kept me updated throughout the day. I have never seen or experience customer service like this in the past in Pakistan. And I never thought I would see something similar with a Telco Operator.

Thank you Wateen for a refreshingly different experience. You rock.