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Startup and Reboot Chat – PMI Karachi Chapter Event

Come and see me at the PMI Karachi Chapter monthly event where I will give my reboot chat later this evening at 6:30 pm at the Regent Plaza Hotel. Please see event brochure or the PMI site for more details.

Reboot – Now available on the Apple iphone store

Thanks to Vahzay, the Ebook edition of Reboot is now available from the Apple itune store for a nominal price.

New copies of Reboot in stock

I have managed to siphon twenty copies of Reboot from the most recent print run in Singapore on its way to Dubai and the US. Please grab your copy for 1,100 plus shipping costs from the Reboot site before they run out.

Startup Guide: The Darden Reboot Chat – Videos are here

And they are here. Seven episodes due to the youtube 10 minute rule. Many thanks to Uzma for burning the midnight oil, encoding the video and solving the volume problem once and for all. Thank you Adnan for ensuring that the session gets recorded for the family (as well as agents and friends) and shipping […]

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Startup Guide: Darden Reboot Chat – transcript of the EVC, DSAS event

Thank you very much for showing up for my chat. My name is Jawwad Ahmed Farid and I am a failure. Before I became a member of Failure anonymous, I always wanted to be a winner. I wanted my own world record; see myself where you see Mr. Usain Bolt; ideally with a medal or […]

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Startup Mentor: Darden Reboot DSAS, EVC event

It takes a lot to fill up an empty room. Specially with smart people, who are paying good money to get a great education at a top ranked business school and have already had a roster of highly ranked speakers appear before them. But the Darden EVC and DSAS societies managed to do just that […]

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Jawwad Farid and Reboot: The Columbia Business School session.

It has been a full ten years since I spoke on the CEO platform at Columbia. Thanks to Hasan and Carolyn, I will get to present in Uris again. Really looking forward to it.      Breakfast Series: Startup Failure – Lessons from Serial Entrepreneur Jawwad Farid’00 See full BIO below Monday, April 19th @  8:00amUris […]

Startup Guide: The Reboot chat at Darden, 22nd April 2010

Many thanks to Adnan and Sana for making this happen. The EVC and South Asian Society at Darden sponsor the Reboot session. Now tentatively scheduled for 1:30 – 2:30 pm on 22nd April 2010 in Room 150. Columbia Business School Monday morning breakfast at 8 am is also on but waiting for final confirmation.

The new Reboot cover

Finally got around to getting a formal cover done for Reboot (Thanks to Nida Faizi, an absolutely brilliant designer). The first print run of 500 copies is now completely sold out. One of the last few copies ended up on Dr. Jawaid Ghani’s desk (courtesy of Jehan Ara), the new Chairman PITB (Punjab IT Board) […]

The Reboot, BSOD Reference List

Reboot References & Bibliography A good friend asked over the weekend what it took to write Reboot and if there were any other related texts that I would want to recommend and suggest. Reboot, the book would not be what it is without the prior work, research and support of all of the following Authors […]

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