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Startup School – Top of the user league at Onstartup

Surprising results after two weeks of active participation on

Java SQL Cloud, Team Lead and Resources Required in Karachi

A US based client is looking to expand their Java team in Karachi. Currently receiving applications for Team Leads and Team members. Based on exceptional performance will process L-1 visa for the US withiin 12 – 18 months. Some travel to the US required. Client is a well established, well respected, fast growing financial services […]

Urdu for kids – Toffeetv meets Rabia Garib meets Nursery Rhymes

Every now and then one tends to see something absolutely amazing. Stuff that you can’t describe in a blog post, work that must be seen with your own eyes. Welcome to Rabia Garib’s (CIO Pakistan) labor of love for desi kids all across the universe. Growing at the rate of one nursery rhyme a […]

I am back

23rd March 2011 was my last blog post. A number of friends dropped in a line asking if things were ok and where I had disappeared to. Well for one word press broke again and despite my best efforts I wasn’t able to fix the home page (help please). For two between November and now […]

Enchantment – Persuasion, selling and making a difference for startups by Guy Kawasaki

This March marks the 8th year I have been teaching entrepreneurship as a subject. In every group of 35 students I teach I come across a handful on fire. The wild, out of control, let me change the world fire, as well as the slow burning, smoldering, I will get through everything fire. All I […]

Finance Training Courses: From Inception (Text) to version 3.0 (Finance training videos):

A number of friends asked if I could put a post (or a series together) time lining the Finance Training Course adventure. For those of you who have just joined us, Finance Training Course is a business that grew out of a conversation last December with a friend about making money from selling content online. […]

Risk Training Courses- Year in review – Traffic, Products, Customers, Orders

Building the Onlnie Risk Training Niche – Part I Last week of February 2011 we quitely celebrated the first full year of Finance Training Courses (aka Learning Corporate Finance). A business initially conceived of 11 years ago that spawned a book, the startup crash course and a suprising rebirth selling online risk courses covering video […]

My name is Taha: Three

Taha turned six mashallah in February. We just did an immediate family get together at home and he was happy. While I travel like crazy trying to make numbers work, Fawzia has been holding the fort at home and at work. Yesterday morning she sent me a piece that I think you should also read. […]

Finance Training Videos – The Online Quant Crash Course comes to town – Quantitative Training for the non-Quant.

In the summer of 1987, Lotus Symphony was the category killer in the integrated spreadsheet market. It was also my first introduction to the animals called spreadsheets and financial models. While other 16 year olds were doing things that 16 year olds are supposed to do in the summer, yours truly was digging through Symphony […]

The Quant Crash Course: Finance Training Course introduces the Quant Crash Course online video training series

It took two students, over a hundred training engagements in 6 markets and a life working with risk and finance to change my mind. 2007 was a good year in many ways. It was also the year when Abbas Qureshi at SP Jain, Dubai and Adnan Iqbal at Deloitte Consulting, DC asked me the same […]

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