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Basel II

Finance Training Courses: Top 30 posts across risk, treasury, derivative pricing and Basel III

Treasury Operations Crash Course for dummiesAcross 200,000 pageviews and 90,000 visitors here is a list of our top 30 posts over the last 8 weeks at Finance Training Courses. The posts cover the impact of US credit rating downgrade, basics of derivative pricing, ICAAP, dissecting gold models, business plan pitches, credit derivatives, structured products, counterparty […]


I have now been doing this “risk” business for more than a decade. Eleven years ago, right about this time, I was rudely introduced to my first risk application. Fresh from my actuarial exams, I was stumped on an interview question dealing with moments of a distribution. I have read the material, struggled with it, […]

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Pakistan’s Macro Economic Snapshot – July

A Pakistan Risk Review Extract Inflation (Year on Year): The non-food, non- energy (NFNE) core inflation index, has begun responding to a decline in the inflationary series and as at July 2009 stands at 14%. CPI, WPI and core inflation are year-on-year figures, i.e. they represent the percentage change in index during a month over […]

Pakistan Macro Economic Profile – Earlier this year

Here is an extract from Pakistan Risk Review’s second volume. This is where we were earlier this year. Pakistan’s Macro Economic Snapshot – March& April 09 Inflation (Year on Year): After peaking in August 2008, the consumer price index (CPI) and wholesale price index (WPI) have declined. The non-food, non- energy (NFNE) core inflation index, […]

Good data, models, instincts and statistics.

Risk and transaction systems differ in many ways. But they both suffer from a common ailment – Good data and working models. On a risk platform the integrity of the data set is dependent on the underlying transaction platform and the quality of data feeds. Keeping the incoming stream of information clean and ensuring that […]

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Feedback is a gift…

Fair usage warning: This post may be classified as a marketing plug Michael Feiner retired as the Chief People Officer at Pepsi and before long ended up teaching a higher performance leadership course at Columbia. The course was based on a book that came out a few years later as Feiner points. Mike started the […]

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Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment workshop on the 14th of March

Sad, that the only post that I have been able to take out time for in the last two months is a marketing plug for the Alchemy ICAAP workshop. More, non-plug materials to follow, post the workshop. Hang in there….

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Shameless marketing plug

Alchemy first workshop on the joint Alchemy and SP Jain platform will be held on the 15th and 16th of November in Dubai at the custom built SP Jain Campus Executive Education facility in Academic city. This would be our 7th international workshop following previous events in Dubai, Riyadh, Bangkok and Singapore. Since May 2007, I have […]