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Far East

ALM and Liquidity Management Workshop, Kula Lumpur, Malaysia, January 2011

ALM and Liquidity Management Training Workshop This advanced level ALM and Liquidity Training workshop serves as a refresher to liquidity management, with an emphasis on traditional models including gap analysis and earnings at risk, stress testing, scenario planning, policy making and simulations. Our first joint venture finance training workshop in Kula Lumpur with our Malaysian […]

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The PASHA ICT Awards are here…

2005 – We are nominated for the financial application category and to our surprise pick up the first prize. 2006 – Seven of us land in Thailand on two separate flights after a wild night of crises set at the airports in Bahrain, Karachi, Bangkok and Chiang Mai. We represent PASHA and Pakistan on day […]

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Poetic justice

After ordering really bad food by phone or having no food at all or having food bought 8 hours ago and left to cool down in my mini fridge on four separate trips to Singapore, I find out that there is this really nice little Bali restaurant, right across the road from the SP Jain […]

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The art of standing out in a crowd or proof that I have no dress sense…

Can you pick the odd one out with the PASHA delegation in Jakarta. (Hint: he is missing a knee cap and is not standing)  

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Payback time…

Here is the combined payback for all those pesky snapshots of me floating around the blogsphere with food in my mouth. If you notice I am not the only one busy extracting my pound of flesh. And yes to those curious enough to ask, she does eat. Catching her on camera though is another story.

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Jakarta Impressions…

I don’t know when Bali snuck into my bucket list, but snuck it did. In vain, I made it all the way to Macau, Singapore, KL, Bangkok and Chiang Mai, but Bali still remains elusive. This November I made one more attempt, touched Jakarta, but then came back because I had left my bucket list […]

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