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Dear Sergey and Larry…

Dear Sergey and Larry Greetings from the land of the pure. I am sure you have heard of our lovely country (official motto: we are in the news again) and the more than 8 million loyal Google customers who are slightly miffed at you. We are the ones who advertise online using Adwords and Admob, […]

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My Google Adsense mis-adventure – Invasion of the spiders, help please – Part III

Since we are on topic, I thought I would also post the Statpress snapshot. Is this normal? I have about 80 – 100 unique visitors with 425 pageviews (which is fine) but 2,513 spiders in a day and by the time I am done with may I would have had the dubious distinction of having […]

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My Adsense mis-adventure – Struggling to break 3 dollars a month – Part I

I thought I would fess up today and share the progress or lack of it made on the Google Adsense project in the first three months. If you have been following me around you know that around early February I decided to build a printing press for printing US dollars (or the money machine as […]

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Forecasting the Monetary Policy decisions – will there be a rate cut or not

Forecasting the monetary policy The next monetary policy announcement is due in the last week of May 2010. We attempt to forecast the cut in the policy discount rate by looking at oil prices, the relationship between oil prices and imports, exports, remittances, the current account balance, net foreign assets, credit to the private sector […]

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Teaching Ethics to business school students

If there was one mandatory course that all business school students are allergic to, it would be ethics. Not that business school students have a personality flaw that makes them hate the subject, it is just that we intensely dislike being preached to. We are smart, intelligent and savvy enough to figure out what is […]

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New Course on Risk Management within the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry

Over at the Learning Corporate Finance Blog, I posted a new free online course on risk management within the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical. A short six session introduction to a risk management framework for the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industry focused on managing crude oil price volatility for Oil refiners, Polymer and PVC manufacturers and […]

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The dead zone

Somewhere along the 19th hour of being awake, after keeping a 20 hour schedule for the last three days you find yourself in the dead zone. Your body and mind have given up on sleep and are no longer craving it, you know you are all set to crash but you are still too wired […]


Treasury one – redux

I had no idea that my treasury one post would generate so much traffic and commentary. On a blog where it is rare to see more than a single comment (given all my anti spam, anti bot, anti social word press defenses) in less than 24 hours 8 comments (ok I confess 4 of them […]

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Treasury One goes live at KASB Bank

Our second Treasury implementation that integrates completely with the Misys Equation backend, the Alchemy Risk Manager Middle Office application and SBP M3 reporting requirements. Additional options include the ability to link up directly with the Reuters dealing system top feed and SBP FX-CRS reporting engine. Took a year and an enormous amount of support from […]

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Oil Insights – Oil Prices, Peak Oil debate and drivers for those who have never looked at oil before

I am not a trader, nor an analyst. Technically speaking, I have only worked for an Investment Bank once in my life and that too on the margin trading and risk management desk. I am good with numbers and while I have done well with Excel, Lotus 123 and Symphony, I am not the distinguished […]

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