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Columbia Business School, 10th year, class of 2000 reunion update…

Frank Byrd was the portrait of a southern gentleman at Columbia. Cultured, polite, smart, likeable and very down to earth. I remember at least a handful of my class mates who used to swoon, every time Frank would pass by (don’t worry my lips are sealed, Frank make it worth my while and I will […]

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Memories, Cookaracha Guides or Venture number two…

Much before Reboot and the Blue Screen of Death, before the Alchemy discussion on our family dinner table and the wild dreamy bet that turned out to be Avicena, before blogging and before DesiBackToDesh, in a land far far away (then marked as Geocities in Jedi lore) there was once a venture named Cookaracha Guides. […]

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Travel log

Travel long enough and you will someday hit an incredibly lucky day or an incredibly interesting one. And every now and then you will get one that is a bit of both. So yesterday’s trip to Dubai started off interestingly enough! I reached the airport late and while I was fretting if Emirates would let […]

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The Larry Ellison Fix in Karachi…

The first car that I ever wanted to drive was a Honda Accord. Don’t ask me why, there is a long convoluted tale behind that desire that goes all the way back to Abdullah Haroon Road, traffic duties as a prefect and my school days. Twelve years later the car I first learnt how to […]

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C is for cookie and its good enough for me.

30th September 2009, today, marked Taha’s 8th week at CAS Kindergarten section. Taha’s routine in the morning is a complete room by room tour of the school, including a handshake with the fire engine and Barney, and a landing at the Library before heading towards his class room where we hand him over to Noreen. […]

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My new belly button

Somehow after talking about Pakistan Risk Review and new venture failure and Reboot for the last few months it seems quite odd to a do a post about my new belly button. I mean what would the neighbors think? Here is the scoop. Last Thursday after experimenting with three different families of antibiotics over three […]

Chotay Nana.

There was nothing choti (small) about him. Over 6 foot tall, with an equally impressive all white beard, a booming voice and a bogeyman repute, our mother and our khalas used to scare us with the Chotay Nana (the younger/smaller grandfather) threat. “You’d better behave yourself, otherwise I will call Chotay Nana”, followed by a […]

My crazy ride to see my word in print

For more than a decade of my life I was a professional student (which means that I worked, took exams on the side for a professional designation and waited for a very long time to add three letters against my name). A chapter that started in the monsoons of ’89 in Bombay finally closed itself […]


Happy Birth day to me.

Two years short of turning 40, it has been a very educational year. Where would I be today without my friends and family. Age is definitely beginning to show its signs. Wild all nighters at work are now so much more difficult. I prefer my own bed/room/home over other exotic locations. Travelling is now a […]

High hopes…

What do Frank Sinatra, John F. Kennedy, Ants (the movie), Sesame Street, Taha, Jehan and the rest of us ordinary mortals have in common? Next time your found, with your chin on the groundThere a lot to be learned, so look around Just what makes that little old antThink he’ll move that rubber tree plantAnyone […]

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