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Sales guys in suits

Travel Advisory: Why Emirates will rule the travel world?

Sometimes you have to travel by other airlines to realize that despite all the complaints we share about Emirates, the Dubai based airline, is still one unbeatable show in the air.

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The presentation cheat sheet – Three – The Problem Statement

The presentation that I am most proud of however is the one that we made together as a team for the first MIT BAP competition in Karachi. The judges panel included Ken Morse, Bill Aulet and Imran Saeed, all three from MIT E-Labs. Despite earlier failed attempts to impress Ken, this time we managed to […]

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The PASHA ICT Awards are here…

2005 – We are nominated for the financial application category and to our surprise pick up the first prize. 2006 – Seven of us land in Thailand on two separate flights after a wild night of crises set at the airports in Bahrain, Karachi, Bangkok and Chiang Mai. We represent PASHA and Pakistan on day […]

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Building your brand, Engro Foods and Omore…

Donald Sexton‘s International Marketing class was scheduled for Thursday evening, an hour before happy hour at Columbia. In 12 sessions spread over twelve weeks Don planned on teaching us everything we ever needed to know about building global brands. Each class would start and end with Don’s personal collection of the best advertising done in […]


Men in Black

All it takes is one suit to start an epidemic. After Imran’s (far right) arrival in February we became a much more respectable firm. Grey hair tends to do that. Four month’s later the Alchemy pitch is now being made by a team of MIB agents, one short of half a dozen. From left to […]

Kill your ego…

When I first met Don Sexton, Mark Broadie, Ralph Biggadike and John Whitney at Columbia, a few things stood out at once. All four were very successful, well established and well respected professionals. They had touched professional peaks I couldn’t even dream about and had nothing left to prove. All four changed my life. 8 […]

How to catch a bad pitch – SI 7 – Karachi – one

Just follow FQ’s reaction as Yusuf Jan, Jawwad Farid, Owais Zaidi pitch their wares at the role playing session on pitching and trip miserably. Faisal played the rude and rough customer role, riding all over our combined egos and our pitches on Saturday. Luckily we were only able to get Mr. Zaidi’s plight on camera. […]

MIT BAP, Ken Morse, TAN and Pakistan

The setting was a small conference room at the Marriot in the year that was 2006. We had heard Ken Morse was making a brief stopover in town on his way to Isloo and Nida my MIT sister had managed to pick up four invitations from the MIT Club in Karachi. We were a very […]

A penny for your thoughts, pretty woman, or the myth about raising capital

“What follows may be considered as rated material in some parts of the world. If you are juvenile masquerading as an adult this is about the right time for you to move on to the other unrated posts.” There is no easy way to say what I am going to say. Please forgive me. It […]

On Hamlet, Horatios and Shakespearean mythology…

Did Hamlet have a death wish? “Now cracks a noble heart. Good night sweet prince: And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest”      “Bear Hamlet, like a soldier, to the stage;    For he was likely, had he been put on,       To have proved most royally:   And, for his […]