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Building social media presence for a new online financial training startup.

Our Social Media portfolio is still a work in progress but what was started by Scheheryar Khan in June is really taking solid shape. This is in addition to our YouTube, Facebook & Linkedin pages. Lots of wrong turns and dead ends but great education all the same. In terms of traffic and sales generation, […]

Karachi Kites at the Karachi Horse Riding School

I had always wanted to do this but never had the right camera, lights, poses or models. This morning while Taha did his hippotherapy session with Haseeb at the Karachi Riding School, Fawzia and I found a couple of cooperative Karachi Kites who were lazy (on unaware) enough to act as models. No words are […]

The legendary Airblue service (not)

How the mighty have fallen? I use to rave about this airline on this blog but they have proven me so wrong. First they move my flight, thrice in 2 days, completely ruining my plans. Second there is no way that I can contact them short of physically showing up at their office and abusing […]

Things they never taught me at Columbia Business School…

Despite my numerous comments about how much I owe Bruce Greenwald, Mark Broadie, Don Sexton and Ralph Biggadike on this blog, there are a few thing that they didn’t get around to covering in my all too short stay in school. Here is my list The link between dropping kids to school and closing deals […]

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Gary Travnicek

It was a Tampa, Florida type of a day. Hot and humid! I could also say bright and shiny but the thick air that hit you when you stepped out of your cool room didn’t leave space for any other reaction. Hot and humid, it was. Gary came to pick me up from the Holiday […]

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Of Traffic Jams, Equilibrium and John Nash

(Photo credit and source) Deep in the middle of the MBA, our strategy professor introduced John Nash and Nash’s equilibrium. I didn’t get it. Since the course was a case based, no final exam, high end elective, it was all right for me to not get Nash and manage barely with a low end B. […]

This calls for a blog post…

No comments. Unconfirmed email source, couldn’t get confirmation on the MarcFaber website since the content is no longer public. No offense intended but still read at your own risk. Dr. Marc Faber concluded his monthly bulletin (June 2008) with the following:“The federal government is sending each of us a $600 rebate. If we spend that […]

I wish I could write like this…

Sally Jenkins story at the Post, comparing Phelp and Usain Bolt amazing feats at the 2008 Olympics highlights the many ways one can win or write. Where for some of us natural endowment plays a part in how we fare in life while for others it is an extended 8 year plan with discipline that […]

The pen is mightier than the sword…

This, btw, marks my 200th post. Every once in a while I should utter something meaningful. Wanted to say all of this, but she said it much better than I ever could. Make up your own minds, I just do the forwarding. Of all the hype, the noise and horse shit floating around at this […]

Happy birthday to me

My favorite number now for a decade and a half: Streets of Philadelphia, by the Boss: I was bruised and batteredAnd I couldn’t tell what I feltI was unrecognizable to myselfSaw my reflection in a windowI didn’t know my own face Oh brother are you gonna leave me wasting awayOn the streets of Philadelphia I […]

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