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Failed State

You were saying, a rejoinder four…

Look here and here. There is more behind the G-20 and Nato protests than these selective images show case. The violence is hard to ignore but it overshadows the cause, the concept, the organization or the impact. So if I was the only source of information you had, my commentary the basis of your opinion, […]

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Myths about Pakistan or an infrastructure rejoinder, three

Jehan did a post on This too is Pakistan, in October 2008. At the peak of distrust, despair and negativity coming out by the buckets in that month, she went out to highlight some of the many things that are right with this country. I didn’t get round to doing a follow up but Post […]

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I want to be a chapatti when I grow up, or, a middle class rejoinder, two

I really don’t know the deal with why Lahoris write so much better than us Karachiites. (No offense intended) Witness Sepoy’s rant at Chapati Mystery on an NYT Oped by Patrick French on Pakistan. I wish I can write like this when I grow up…    

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John LeCarre, this country, and the elections in November

I am a sucker for happy endings, nachos and cheese with Jalapeños. As a young adult I used to dream Bond movies in full color (though I finally got to watch my first Bond movie well into my 20’s once Pierce Brosnan took over as the new Bond). On odd weekends you can still find […]

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