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My Google Adsense mis-adventure – Invasion of the spiders, help please – Part III

Since we are on topic, I thought I would also post the Statpress snapshot. Is this normal? I have about 80 – 100 unique visitors with 425 pageviews (which is fine) but 2,513 spiders in a day and by the time I am done with may I would have had the dubious distinction of having […]

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The Google Adsense update: Banner Exchange

Two new banners designed by the outstanding Nida Faizi that we started using yesterday on the Brinkin Banner exchange program as well across the rest of our domains. I had always felt that decently designed banners and images sometimes (not always) work better than simple text links on your blog rolls. Let’s see what happens […]

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Four conversations or my Google Adsense journey

My first introduction to using Google to make money was Zafar Khan and Sofizar at MITBAP. About a year ago I asked Zafar the inevitable SEO optimization question and got a few answers; up went a few pages at our home page business domain, representing the little I actually understood of the entire process around […]

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